Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Super Foods are on their way...

My Super Food order was made last week and they should be here by tomorrow. I'm anxiously waiting to start my new experience with these products.

I ordered the stuff from Sunfood.com. Sunfood and its products has come popular among people interested in nutrition, raw,organic and super foods, mainly because of David Wolfe. Wolfe is considered one of the world's leading authorities on nutrition. I'm gonna talk about him more later in my posts... I'm also gonna introduce and explain the purpose of those products I ordered once I get them in my hands;)

In the meantime, while waiting my Super Foods to come, I've been surfing in the internet and studying nutrition and raw food diet almost every day, and found lot of useful information concerning about my upcoming diet. There are lot of information available, but it is pretty hard to find the right stuff since raw- and Super foods are not YET well-known issue in the mainstream media. But my prediction is that within 5-10 years everybody will know what Super Foods are really about:) Anybody interested about learning basics about raw and super foods, you should start checking out and Googling guys like David Wolfe and David Favor. They both have tons of information, YouTube videos, and other sources available. David Favor is also a guy that i'm gonna talk about later...

I've also done some research about the local supply of organic foods, and supplements, and so far I've found that there are couple stores here in Harrisonburg that offers foods and products that I'm looking for. Kate's Natural Products is one, and I'm probably gonna check that out once I'm able to get a ride there (I don't happen to own a car which makes my life a little trickier when trying to get from place A to place B). Also I found out there is a local Farmer's Market in downtown, open in Tuesdays & Saturdays from 7am-1pm, and Thursdays 4pm-7pm. My plan is to visit there as well as soon as possible. I have a feeling that my Super Foods are not gonna last that long, so these local markets and stores are cool places to have in order to maintain my diet.

So soon I'll be able to start my experience, which I'm really excited about, and I'm gonna post more stuff about those Super Food products that I ordered, as well as visiting those local food markets and what they have to offer.

In the meantime, I wish you a great day!

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