Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just consider this once

       There's no longer time to be ignorant. It’s time to take full responsibility of our own lives. It’s time to take action to bring back our full happiness, joy, bliss, our spirituality. Look around you, your every day life and think hard if you can find true happiness. If you don’t know the answer, just ask that from your intuition. It knows everything. If there’s something in your personal life or lives of others around you that you wan’t to make better, now it’s the time to do that. You will realize how much joy you get out of it. Helping others while you’re helping yourself is the only thing we need to start focusing on from now on. Forget about all the boring and dull things in your life and start following your dreams. Really it's that simple. Just start doing whatever you like, just don't hurt others. Karma bites you back. By doing that you’ll do a favor to humanity. When you make yourself happier, people around you want to know what you’re doing in your life. They will start doing the same things and that way we are helping each other to become happier and happier.
        I know making YOURSELF happier in this situation that we are in at the moment with wars, economic crisis, natural disasters etc. might sound like a selfish thing to do, but it really is not! When you make yourself happy, you don’t wanna stay happy by yourself. You wanna share the excitement and joy you have recently received and you realize helping others to become more happy in their lives. So now it’s time to WAKE UP, start following your dreams, make yourself happy, live everyday like it is your last, smile like it hurts, give hand to a weaker ones. Just consider this once- if we all start making ourselves happier and helping each other to do the same, what will happen eventually?

      If you think I’m just another hippie trying to save the world by spreading the message of love and peace, please feel free to do so. Just totally ignore me, you don’t have to listen what I have to say, BUT at least try to be nice to everyone. It’s for your own favor as well.
BUT if you like what I’m saying, it’s time to act. If you don’t know how to do that, just ask. From me, from whoever you think might be helpful, or just from youself. You have all the answers within you.

Don’t worry, be happy

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  1. Fuckin hippies! ;D Lolll hahah x) Beautiful post brother and so true <3 Keep em coming! You made my day happier just by writing this o/ That easy it is people, so get on with it heheh! Much luvvv