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The Shhecret of Life

Shhecret of Life

You have propably heard it so many times, but if you’re reading this post you have forgotten it or just reminding it to yourself once again. In fact most of us keep forgetting it so don’t feel bad about yourself, just for now on try to keep reminding yourself about the obvious secret of life more often. I’m not special of any kind, I’m not selected to realize the truth or anything, since everybody knows it in their hearts.

The Truth, The Secret of Life – it’s all about having fun.

Think about it. Whatever you do in your life, you do that in order to have fun, to enjoy your life.
-It’s fun going out and socialize
-It’s fun to love people, your possible soulmate as well as others
-It’s fun to love/feel God (if you happen to believe in one), altho it’s not fun to believe in hell and demons. I’m not saying not to believe in such things since it's not my business, but all I’m saying it’s not fun at all to have those things in your mind.
-It’s fun to follow your dreams and inspire others to do the same
-It’s fun to learn new things (at least it should be, this doesn’t happen in school anymore)
-It’s fun to just goof around, sing as loud as you can, jump around, feel happy
-It's fun to help others

Everybody wants to be happy and have fun. But the thing is, it seems like for most of us it is not that easy to have fun anymore. Well that’s true and false. If you believe it is easy to start having more fun, it is going to be easy. If you believe it’s going to be hard or time consuming to have fun, it is going to be hard. Whatever you believe exists. You make your own reality. But that’s another story.

Even the nuns like to have some fun!

Even the monks like to have some fun!

But if you happen to be a person who thinks it is hard to have more fun in your life, don’t worry. There are things you can do in order to have fun and become more happy.

Here are couple of examples what you could do in order to have more fun:
-Start eating better (most of us don’t know how to do that but luckily more people are starting to learn and are willing to help you)
-Start looking people around you that like to have fun and know how to do that
-If you have any extra time during the day, start doing things that you like the most (play guitar, eat good food, hang out with fun people, write poems, write a blog, paint, sing, dance, go out and goof around).
-Make a list of your dreams and desires and start visualize about them
-Start meditation, yoga, listening spiritual music, reading spiritual texts
-Start giving more to others! (My favourite one)

If you don’t know how to have fun yet, start asking around how to do that. There are so many fun and happy people out there that are more than willing to help you if you have an open heart for that. The fun and happy people are always willing to help one another! If you think I’m fun person to hang around, contact me. If you have read my friend’s blog Viidakkomies and think he would be cool person to hang around with, or just ask questions, just feel free to contact him as well. But his guy is on another level so if you’re not ready to go out there and make “fool” of yourself and enjoy doing that, don’t bother to waste your and most importantly, his time and energy. Another way to have fun is first read about this blog Jätkien kanssa reissussa and then buy a ticket to Bali and learn how to surf. If you are more relaxed and spiritual person and you like to have fun in more quiet place, I recommend reading this blog On a hippie trail. All these blogs are in Finnish, but if you are interested about knowing more about eating healthy, how to start following your dreams, how to become more spiritual person, most importantly learn how to have REAL FUN, feel free to contact me. Besides these blogs above, I will also put a list of other blogs and links that I like to read under this text.
Once again I’ll say this; If you think my posts are complete BS, just ignore them and don’t waste your time to think about these things. You chose to read this text, you can also choose not to waste your time to think about it more deeply.

What is most exciting about this truth is that you can choose your own fun! You don’t have to go out every night and try to have fake smile on your face and try to have fake fun. You can have fun by reading a book, cooking, cleaning, studying, working… The list goes on and on. You choose your fun! Just try to have fun as much as possible!


Stop whining. Stop making excuses. Stop thinking negatively (it’s easy).

Start living the life you deserve. Start following your dreams. Start having fun!

And while you do that, share the things you have learned with others.

In the end,
who wants to have fun alone.

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Have a great upcoming week!

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  1. ihana postaus! eikä sen takia että olen listalla! oon niin samaa mieltä tuosta ininän lopettamisesta. itsellä meni niin pitkään inistessä ja valittaessa. sitten päätin lopettaa. vaikka pelotti, päätin lähteä viideksi kuukaudeksi toiselle puolelle maapalloa 3,5 viikon varoitusajalla. lähtö ens viikolla. hitto että kestikin ja miten paljon valittaminen vei energiaa.

    tää sun blogis rokkaa niin täysillä!