Sunday, October 10, 2010

Long time no see

It's been a while since I last wrote here. But I wanna write this blog for my own fun (and in best case, to help/inspire somebody) and I feel like if I would start to write just because I have to, it wouldn't be the same anymore. ANYWAY, I just came back from tennis tournament from Newport News, VA and lost my match this morning in the semifinal. I was really disappointed, not too much about the score, but how I behaved on the court. I wanted to focus every point, enjoy the match, and improve my game, but couldn't do any of those. Got really frustrated towards the end, but I'm happy those rackets that I threw into the tree after the match came back to the ground. Well in the end it's just tennis.

This week has been quite a journey I would say. Last week went really well with the super foods like I was saying in my last post. I felt great from Wednesday until Monday this week. THEN my body just shut off. Every single muscle in my body was tired, I didn't have any energy to do anything. Otherwise I was feeling pretty good, but my body just needed lot of rest and energy. I realized that I started to change things WAY TOO QUICKLY and also I just simply didn't get enough energy for all the workouts that I did. Looking back, I remember not eating meat during 3 days, just green smoothies, salad etc. So I learned from the hard way, and for now on I need to take thins way too slowly. Small changes at a time.

I felt physically pretty bad for two days, but during those days I ate exactly what my body was graving for. Even went to McDonald's one day, bought pack full of junk, enjoyed for 5 minutes and then slept 3 hours after the meal. It didn't made feel any better, but that point I desperately wanted something fat, stuffy and greasy. It's normal that body is fighting against big changes, and my diet change was definitely big enough to make those sever withdrawals from cutting of the hamburgers, nuggets, and coke.

After that I've been taking real easy, still eating lot of super foods, trying to buy organic stuff from the grocery stores and so on, but otherwise I'm trying to eat pretty normally (the way I used to eat). My personality is just that if I want something really badly (I wanted to change my diet completely), I need to have it right away, not next week, not even tomorrow, I mean RIGHT NOW!! I guess this is also a good learning experience to become little bit more patient.

SO having learn these things in a hard way, I recommend if you want to make changes in your diet, DO IT SLOWLY! But makes those changes permanent. And also don't think healthy eating as a negative thing. It's not about giving up all the good things that you like to eat, it's more like replacing them, but just with products that are even MORE DELICIOUS and most of all great for you!!

People have been asking how can they start making those changes. What's the first step? Well, there's no one road that you need to start following. If you find something good from your nearest grocery store that is organic, try it on! Have fun with it. Test lot of different things, put ginger in your salad next time, buy organic cucumber instead of regular one and test if you see any difference. Instead of using regular table salt, by Sea salt from Kate's. Things like that. Very small and simple things, but in the long run makes HUGE DIFFERENCE in your health and your life in general.

People who are interested about Super Foods, first thing I would recommend to try (and I actually think everybody should have this on their kitchen) is MSM (Methyl-Sylfonyl-Methane). MSM helps body to build collagen and maintaining healthy joints. For an athlete, it helps muscles to recover from hard practice. It also removes toxic from your body (different metals and other minerals that are not supposed to be in a human body).
I've been using MSM now for over week and I can already say that it really works. I haven't been sore after hard workout ONCE!! It's amazing to see when I use to had sore muscles after every lifting workout for TWO DAYS, and now I feel like I could practice again the next day with out any stiffness. So especially if you do any kind of sport in your life, and exercise in general, I would recommend MSM for you. You would be amazed how that stuff really works.

Alright, it's time to do some other things now but I'll be back posting on some other products and stuff that you can start working on with. If you want more details or information about MSM, don't be afraid to ask. Just shoot me email, write on facebook or on the comment box down below. I would help more than happily!

Have a great rest of the day

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