Friday, October 1, 2010


Yes, it's weekend finally:) It's been an interesting week so far, and we'll see how it's going to end. Tonight it's time to have some fun with friends, and i've totally deserved that. The last two weekends we've been playing in the tennis tournaments, and although it has been fun, i haven't been able to rest at all.

But to be honest, now when I've been in Super Foods i feel like i don't even need any rest. I've worked out everyday since wednesday, and no single muscle is sore at the moment. I just came back from the gym, took recovery smoothie and now i feel completely fine:)

Here's what I take after workout:

1 glass of water/fruit juice
pinch of Sea Salt
1/2 or 1 tsp of MSM
1 tsp of fresh lemon/lime
(1 tsp organic Honey)

The two most important ingredients here are MSM and salt. Salt is the substance which holds water in solution. MSM helps to fasten the recovery time from sore muscles. MSM works really well with vitamin-C, so if you happen to have some good fruit juice (Goji juice from Kate's is so good juice) put it in and MSM and your body will love it.

Talking about Kate's Natural Products, we stopped by there today and it looked better than i thought!! We didn't have too much time to goof around, but it seemed they had lot of good quality organic products. Even my roommate, who has been pretty skeptical about this whole organic/super food thing, bought some MSM and organic honey;) I got some Goji juice and coconut water.

So tomorrow I'm gonna visit the local Farmer's Market and I'm expecting to find punch of good vegetables, honey, maybe some coffee, meat products, and who knows what... I heard they even sell clothes there!? I don't know if i'm ready to wear some local farmer style clothes yet... Maybe I keep my european style for little longer.

Alright, it's time to have some fun!! Partying with my never know what's gonna happen.

For the end i'm gonna reveal a recipe for the WORLD'S MOST DELICIOUS/HEALTHIEST/and EASIEST chocolate EVER!!!
(If you live in Harrisonburg, you might get all the ingredients from Kate's. Otherwise you should just come by at my place and have a free sample)

1dl/3oz Coconut Oil
2 tsp organic honey
1 tsp Maca powder
1dl/ 3oz organic Cacao powder
1dl/3oz Cacao nibs

Just throw everything in a bowl, mix it up, and put it in the fridge for little while. I recommend to consume wisely, otherwise you might get too excited, too hyped.

Anyway, have a GREAT weekend!!

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